The marking function requires the bollards to be placed such that they provide an effective guiding to the user.

If the need is to guide people on a specific path shorter than 100 meters, a bollard should be installed every 5 to 8 meters. For straight paths longer than 100 meters, the spacing between two bollards can be up to 20 meters. In the case of winding paths, the implementation must be carried out so that two adjacent bollards are within the visual field of the user.

In the case of identifying a destination by a bright spot, the bollards will be positioned to get the attention of the user (e.g. building entrance). The Geoled bollards are easily identifiable with the naked eye at a distance of about 100 meters (depending on the marking color, the human eye responds differently).


Please read carefully the installation user manual attached to the product.


The bollard base should be installed with 3 M12 threaded rods properly fixed to the ground. Two situations may be encountered :

  • on a hard surface, the 3 threaded rods will be fixed by chemical sealing:

  • on soft ground, the installer will use the fixing kit ref. AA-1 for inclusion in a concrete block:

The two LiFePO4 batteries supplied with the bollard must also be inserted in the bollard before installation.